Finally! something new officially to put out there:) Feels like 40 years ago since the last one haha! 

SOOOO – Life In Color is a 6 track EP made up of brand new songs, along with a couple of fav’s from Crayon Days. The reason for the ‘hybrid’ gang of tracks will set more of an introduction to my music to the new fans in USA, along with giving the original supporters a little somethin-somethin…! 

If you are new to my music, this will be a perfect intro – whereas if you have been around since the start, then this is an extension of the musical flavours that you already know and hopefully love! 


AS WE SPEAK I am currently working on a new full length album! Pending the release and expected success of Life in Color, we will launch that in the ‘not to distant future.’ 

Either way – SUPER EXCITED to get some new music out there, along with the Music Video for Crayon Days. 

Please keep posted for the release date! 

love you guys:) 


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