Stress is a dumb-head! (or something like that).

Honestly my whole life to this point, anyone who knows / knew me would occasionally utter the phrase “Carl, yeah – no blood pressure problems there, he’s always so chilled.”

However often it seems an inevitable road on the ageing path when the pressures of life, family, kids, mortgage, bills, etc seem to bank up subconsciously and flick rubber bands at the back of your brain until you end up trying to flick your head with a rubber – band in an effort to fight back.

In short – stress is building up and unless you deal with it, it will DEAL with you.

I certainly don’t claim to be anywhere near an expert on this, but its something that I have been dealing with recently and believe I have found an ‘ah-haa’ moment when attempting to level myself back out.

The straw that snapped the camels back in half was at a music festival when I met fellow singer-songwriter from Austria, Chris Shermer. We shook hands and I winced and explained that my outer right forearm was in and out of pain for not apparent reason. Long story short, he explained the simple conclusion he was diagnosed with upon an extensive specialist appointment after specialist appointment when HE TOO show the same symptom. It was STRESS! And it was escaping through the most commonly used area of the body for a guitar player, their strumming forearm!

After hearing this I was convinced that I too was another stress sufferer as approx 1 week later my pain disappeared from me telling myself that stress was causing it. Strange huh! but COOL!!

Our bodies are more remarkable than we give them credit for!

If our bodies can respond to negative thoughts in a physical manor, then obviously the opposite would be favourable right? RIGHT!

Recently I have began the approach of: –

“If it can be fixed, then fix it if you can – If it can’t be fixed, then stop wasting time worrying about it and carry on.”

This approach sounds super simple and obvious but I’m sure you would be embarrassed (just like me) to look back on recent events and realised how often you spent worrying about something that can’t be helped.

Force yourself to be IN THE PRESENT! If you are with family – BE with the family. If you are at work – BE at work, friends, lovers, golf games – whatever!

You’re energy in infectious so keep it positive:)

Love you guys – have a great day!

Carl Wockner.


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