Firstly, Im STOKED to be in the business of what I love – Music. Here is a little education from my personal ‘musicians perspective,’ there are usually 2 types of performances – 1. Gigs, and 2. Shows.

A ‘gig’ is usually at a public venue, often incorporating mostly covers tracks, payment is a flat fee from the venue. These shows make us a glorified juke box. The simple expectations include ‘appealing to the crowd’ and making sure everyone is having a good time in the venue. These shows can be fun / or ‘feel like work’ depending on the venue and the crowd. Either way most of us are happy simply because we are playing music (and could maybe slip in an original track or 2).

A SHOW is usually a ticketed / paid event hosted by the artist / band. This is usually high risk regarding $$ as the payment to the entertainment relies mostly on how many attend / buy tickets etc. HOWEVER performing a SHOW, aahh – the BLISS! there is absolutely NOTHING like a crowd actually paying attention to your original songs, at least enough to decide if they are fans or not. Shows are usually 1-2hrs long which is perfect to take the audience on a musical journey (similar to listening to a well constructed album). There is arguably NOTHING more satisfying in any musicians life then performing a SHOW to a full house audience. The self confidence in stepping onto a stage in front of full seats elates you to perform the best you ever have! People notice your lyrics, style, construction – so… SO amazing to witness.

Regardless of the performance however, the audience “only get out what they put in” meaning the energy and attentiveness that an audience shows towards the entertainment will yield a reciprocated response from the band / artist. Large or small crowds make little difference to this.

That said, id like to THANK anyone who has/will ever purchase a ticket to one of my shows AND to all who seem to transform ‘gigs’ into ‘shows’ simply by being a great listener in the crowd.
I freakin love my job and I am so very fortunate to be performing more and more ‘shows’ regardless of the setting.
If YOU’RE into it, then SO AM I!!

Love you guys, CW. xo

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