Written below are ALL the lyrics from the Crayon Days album.



Last Time I used this colour I was a whole lot smaller

With a crayon quite a bit bigger in my hand

I was angry at my mum she was angry that I’d drawn

Scribble mural on the wall in blue and tan

Here I am now a little hand in mine showing how to colour inside the lines

Here I am now…

My crayon days have gone full circle done a new life cycle with a little one here

There was no rehearsal for this role-reversal

I’m loving every colour – of this moment here

Welcome back – Welcome back crayon days

Here sits a brand new life a new page of black and white

Every colour under the sky is there for them

I wanna be the best dad I can to give em a chance to draw their plan

To make mistakes and understand that’s how life is



You say you’ll never rest till you get your way so tell me what are we fighting about today

I’m tiptoeing gently to choose my words so tell me where do I fit with what you heard

Do you know you can hear what you fear the things we carry through all these years

Molehills to mountains next thing were shouting

I won’t fight the fight Just forget about it

It’s not always black and white just let it go

Maybe you’re right but I can’t be wrong all the time

No I won’t fight the fight – tonight

you slam it down with your hand in the shape of a one

and pull me back in just when I think were done

I’m struggling to make it all ok to convince you but you think your being played

So what – we can’t agree to disagree – so where does that leave me 



If you got all the things that you want would it make you happy

If the sun always shown would you know how to cope with the cold

If money were leaves and could grow on trees

then we’d bag em all up with our broken things

Would we still be out there searching for gold?

If it was easy wouldn’t we all be tripping in traffic chasing the big dream?

But overcoming nightmares keeps it real

I never imagined a world a world with no passionWith nothing to feed our soul,

No Give me heartache – a brick wall and ill break it down

Coming up stronger than before

Why do we cry when somebody finally moves on?

If the heart never lost would it know how to love at all?

When thunder and lightning are over me I’m keeping the count  – until it leaves

I’m brining out the board games till it’s gone

I find myself more and moreComing up stronger than before



Better days have, come along just Crept up on me like a late night call

I can’t fight what I can’t control Hanging for the rescue right before the fall

I heard your voice and, its ok And I loosen up the grip a little – cus the day’s been saved

I’ve been the hero, but made the trade To just step back and let you save the day… to save the day

All I need is just to hear you breathe

To hear the words from your lips was truly what I missed

I let you take the lead to feel you lifting me

Turns out all I need was just to hear you breath

This worlds been shaking us at every turn Wondering what it is I’m supposed to learn

If there’s one thing, I’ve found out so far I know that I can count on you wherever you are



Hole in my heart hole in my jeans Hole in the sky where the rain falls down on me

Hole in my soul this whole world needs to let go

Holy water – heal your sun and bring me – bring me your daughter

holy water – heal your sun and bring me – bring me your daughter

Red stoplight red   on my cheek after our first kiss

Read you alright – and your still here with me tonight

Sweet trinityYou and me, and one more heartbeat 



There’s a little fear and fascination Smiles and tears on the other side

Its simple but the hardest lesson Is Its just a part of life

Your heart could be broken by the hands of fate But there’s two sides to every break

There’s gonna be days you’ll feel so loved

There’s gonna be days you’ll feel like you missed

There’s gonna be days your sun wont wake up

And days you’ll feel sun-kissed

There’s gonna be times you feel so alive

You could spread your wings and fly

There’s gonna be nights you laugh till you cry, wondering (who what when where…)

Who what when where why 

If there’s one thing that vie learned about years Time is something you can’t rewind

Just put one foot in front of the other and take one day – one day at a time

Now I’m not the best one to give advice

But there’s things I’ve done and lived through twice

Its ok to be wrong when you know your right

Life’s grey not black and white



There you are, standing tall with your back up against the wall

Here I am miles away were destined to meet someday

The world is too big to tackle alone – no rush now we’ll find each other

Every Body needs somebody – Every body needs some love

Looking forward to the day that I meet you

It’ll happen – cus life was meant for two

Don’t feel down, there’s no rush Cus time has a plan for us

And we’ll know when it’s right, it was all worth the fight – I’ll be there, Just hold on tight

The wait will be worth it we wont be alone – that’ll be the night to stop our searching



One more drop will make me see I’m not sure what but I’ve known all along who ill be

Just one more time as the clock chimes I feel I’m running for the first time to the finish line

No matter what’s fair No matter how you get there No matter how long it may take

We’re just one drop with a chance to make a difference

Among the billions that fall – like tears of rain

We’re just one drop in line to make the sequence

But we’re only one drop that we can claim

Just one voice or maybe just one breath Hoping someone can hear it clearly above the rest

Just one note I’m yet to find Having something that can love or hate me at the same time



These days I find myself just walking down the street

Carrying a heavier load then I’m supposed to be – and I look around

I see their faces look a lot like me

But they don’t understand that when the world comes in

It takes the colour from our innocence – stirs it in to grey

And it paints a prison in our lives yeah

these days I find myself just walking down the street

Wondering how were gonna get back to what we used to be

And we forget about the little measures – that step into our way –

it takes all these things to make it better – brings us back into our simple pleasures

I can recall that in my happiness – to be satisfied it took a whole lot less –

why are we Trying so damn hard to prove ourselves

when were all the same, from what our stories tell –

I wanna meet a younger version of my self

And ask him for some hope, to see if he can help

These days I find myself still walking down the street

Wondering how were gonna get back to what we used to be



Show me – better than I could know One last – time before I let go

Center me – for you always knew how Don’t forget me – don’t forget me now

So this is what its come to Summing up all we’ve been through – in blue

This will be my first and last handwritten letter to you

Seems like it’s the only thing we have never been through

Wish I could say we’d be laughing someday like we do about everything 

The first words of the last letter are the hardest to begin

Blank page – set down on the timber grains Hands shake – like the last flicker of flame



I follow the coffee lines, all around my cup until night turns to day

It’s been a long time coming, to make me this way

I should of I should of I should of I should of known better now

It’s simple to think but it’s harder to act it out

I’m not gonna stand here, practicing perfection

Trying to be something that I never can

I made peace with my own reflection

That’s what …I think – it means to be a man

Connecting the yellow dots, in a game where all the yellow dots are me

The world is a board game, but I’m bored of a game full of inconsistency

All caught up in moves with nothing to lose

Its time to see, that burden was me



Goodbye old times, and Hello new Got some new things, she has to do.

Boarded a flight to a promised land, Where she won’t be hassled by family trying to rule

Hello difference, Hello change It should be easy, to hide her name

Looking for a life that she controls, In the mold of a girl with a path all pre-arranged.

Running away to save her soul, cus she’s got nobody that she can hold. 

Running away to save her soul, cus she’s got nobody that she can hold. 

Time has seen her, grow to know that the answer lies back home

The Promised Land never promised much, With a bit of luck promises wont be made alone

She met somebody, She always knew The world could say this move was right on cue

I guess she proved them wrong from right, In a fight that she might work it all out soon.

She ran away to save her soul, now she’s got somebody she can hold. 

She ran away to save her soul, now she’s got somebody she can hold. 



I don’t need to be cool I just need to be cooler than you

I don’t need to be cool I just need to be cooler than you

I’m not trying to be funny I’m just looking for something else to do

I don’t know where I’m going all I know is that I’m free

I don’t know where I’m going all I know is that I’m free

You can follow me if you want to, I could use some company

If life is one big contest, then I’m not out to win

Ill just pick on the guy beside me and try to do better than him

(Feat. Redd)

I’ve been searching for my soul, walking down this road

Talking to myself cus I’m always all alone

Now I’m fully grown with this heart that I hold

Way apart from the clone that’s what I start on my own

They think I’m cooler than you; I moved on with my life and brought out my own light

I think that I just might be cooler than a blizzard in the winter of a Michigan night, that’s right