In 2015 Carl Wockner was named the only Australian artist to ever win Top Honors at the International Acoustic Music Award’s (USA), along with top of the AAA category for the release of his new album Crayon Days with producer Michael Flanders in Nashville TN. Wockner has skipped up the charts with his first two single releases receiving high rotation to national radio in both Australia and USA. Alongside some major international shows, Carl is one of the favored artists set to blossom onto the world stage during 2016 with the predictions of his upcoming album masterpiece to break into the global music scene.

Truly a performance like no other with signature vocals, unique guitar work & engaging stage presence matched with the ‘Live Looping’ style performance renders 
Carl in a league of his own. His live shows have been recognized at a national level with multiple headliner festivals and shows, along with tour invitations of such artists as, Diesel, Dean Ray, Shannon Noll, James Rayne, Dragon and Kim Churchill.

There’s something about Carl Wockner’s music that simply exudes peace. The peace you feel when you’re humming along to a nostalgic track, or the peace you feel when you just know everything’s going to be ok. It might originate from his clever acoustic guitar work or unique soulful voice, but however you connect with Carl’s music, you would agree this Acoustic Pop artist is definitely onto something.

Carl’s first EP, the self-produced, recorded, mixed (all in his lounge room) Acoustic…ness, was released in 2011 to an overwhelmingly positive response. Single “Pictures” received airplay on Hot 91 FM and ZINC FM, the latter of whose DJ’s referred to him as “the man with the big hair and Golden Tonsils.” Carl was also named a finalist in three categories at the 2012 and 2013 MusicOZ awards: Acoustic Singer/Songwriter, Blues and Roots, and Pop.

Acoustic…ness showcased Wockner’s songwriting skills to such an extent that his reputation amongst established songwriters quickly rose, and he was soon invited to co-write with several of them including Kim Tribble (Gary Allan, Shania Twain, Journey), Greg Barnhill (Trisha Tearwood, Don Henley, Jessica Simpson, Etta James, Chicago, Tim McGraw, Leona Lewis), and Chaise Flanders, all of whom contributed co-writes to Carl’s incredible upcoming album Crayon Days.

Produced and recorded by industry heavyweight Michael Flanders in Nashville TN, Crayon Days picks up where Acoustic…ness left off with its honest lyricism and innovative songwriting. The diverse set of sounds and moods Carl can create with just a guitar and his voice is truly remarkable, all of which are complimented by featured album guests Jenn Bostic, Siobhan Magnus and Redd. The Point Sunshine Coast editor Rhys Fox said of Crayon Days, “Bordering on almost-too-damn-good, Crayon Days sees and artist that has embraced his own musical evolution, and is now just waiting for everyone else to catch up.”

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